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Old Mill Blend 2x8 Thin Brick

These Antique Bricks have been carefully reclaimed from historic buildings and factories throughout the Boston and Greater Boston area. These rare 1800s bricks have been veneered using an automated saw to a width of 1/2" to 5/8"s. These beautiful bricks will add all the class and character required for your next project! We are a high-volume supplier. As such we can and do offer fair pricing on a highly desirable quality product. Bricka is added into the blend at a rate of 1 per 400 pieces or whatever the customer desires.

Price: $8 per sqft

old mill blend 4x8 thin brick

Old Mill Blend 4x8 Thin Brick

The same beautiful reclaimed brick used for our 2x8's and corners are also available in 4x8's. Commonly used for indoor flooring to add that old-world feel to your project.

Price: $8 per sqft

old mill blend corners

Corner Thin Brick

Our same thin brick can be cut into corners! Corners will give your project the depth and high-class finish that other products lack. Become the envy of neighbors and competitors with the ultimate finish.

Price: $12 per linear ft

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