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Antique Reclaimed Bricks From the 1800s in Boston, MA

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Are you thinking about adding a new finish to your house with bricks? Great idea! But first, give us a call. Most people are not aware of the many advantages of using reclaimed bricks for their projects, even having misconceptions of them being of bad quality. Many will instinctively look for brand new bricks, sacrificing money over a false sense of better quality. 

Our customers can rest assured knowing that we painstakingly reclaim bricks from historic buildings and factories dating back to the 1800s, ensuring the best quality there is for the lowest price on the market. Contact us today to learn more about the many advantages of using antique reclaimed bricks for your projects. 

Take Advantage of Reclaimed Bricks With Us

Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons to use antique reclaimed bricks, there are many practical reasons as to why you should use reclaimed bricks for your next project instead of brand new ones. Some of these reasons are: 


  • Already Weathered: There’s no way of knowing if new bricks are strong enough. Our reclaimed bricks come from historical buildings and have passed the test of time.
  • Eco-Friendly: Bricks don’t have an expiration date. Most already used bricks are absolutely perfect to use and already have a certain look. Recycle bricks and avoid sending them to landfills. 
  • Historic Value: All of our reclaimed bricks come from historic buildings in Massachusetts. Some of them date back to the 1800s. 
  • More Affordable Option: Reclaimed bricks are always more affordable than brand new ones. The processing is much less expensive and those savings pass along the client. 

Take Your Project to the Next Level

Our team of experienced contractors will ensure that your antique bricks are cut the proper way. Like the standard thin brick for veneering, we cut our bricks between ½” to 5/8ths so you can add the ultimate depth to your high end project. As a reclaimed brick company, at North American Thin Brick, we go the extra mile so we can provide our customers with a broad range of antique bricks carefully reclaimed from historic buildings all over Boston, MA.


Contact us at (781) 600-8542 to learn more. 


Call a proper brick supplier, call North American Thin Brick. 

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